10X42 Binocular Rangefinding

10X42 Binocular Rangefinding
LaserWorks LW808 rangefinding binocular is what we call a true value. The features and quality we incorporated within this budget friendly rangefinding binocular gives you all the optical
viewing performance and rangefinding capabilities you would expect in a higher end product. This rangefinding binocular provides you the confidence, quality and features at an unmatched value.
10X42 Binocular Rangefinding 2.5km to Trees
This LW808 is an extremely effective, angle-compensated laser rangefinding bino intended for hunters, archers, and shooters looking to take the guess work out of long-range shots with in-display ballistic data and built-in environmental sensors.

PRECISE DISTANCE MEASUREMENT up to a true, repeatable 2,500 m in an extremely short measuring time (max. 1 seconds) – whether on long distances, in the mountains or in difficult weather conditions.
This new binocular rangefinders give hunters and shooters a new level of confidence in any situation they encounter. For precise, repeatable measurements you can rely on - anywhere and anytime.