Golf Rangefinder | Eva Laser Golf Rangefinder Case Factories

Golf Rangefinder | Eva Laser Golf Rangefinder Case Factories

Any product has its own technical indicators. Of course, high indicators mean high performance. The most important technical index of golf rangefinder is its measurement range and accuracy.
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LaserWorks was established in 2011, specialized in pulse OEM, ODM laser rangefinders,rangefinder modules,for golf,hunting,UAV etc. applications.

LaserWorks Provide Laser Rangefinder, Range Finder, Golf Rangefinder, Laser Distance Meter, Distance Finder, etc.

Till now, LaserWorks has become the company with independent development, production, quality control, sales & after-sale service.

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Digital Golf Rangefinder

The rangefinder adopts the principle of laser. Through the one-to-one correspondence between emission and reception, it can measure and calculate the landing point of golf ball very accurately and collect the information of the most initial motion state of golf ball; Then, through the calculation and processing equipment, the collected information is calculated, and then the results are sent out, so as to calculate the distance from the flight landing point of the ball to the playing position; Finally, the information of calculation and processing is received through the LED display part and displayed in a certain order. Players can watch their hitting distance through the display screen, and then understand the stability and improvement of their skills.

Accurate ranging | golf rangefinder

The use of rangefinder in golf course is convenient for the personnel practicing the ball to understand the distance of each shot more accurately. People who often play golf know that usually in the driving range with a short distance, the ball will be stopped by the bottom net, and the player can't judge the actual landing point of the ball. In the long fairway driving range, when the ball falls more than 150 yards, it is also difficult for the player to judge the actual flight distance of the ball. If you have a driving range with a length of more than 300 yards, members often drive No. 1 wood to more than 250 yards.

Golf Rangefinder With Slope

Rangefinders with angle switches are mostly used for daily training, but not all golfers are professional players. They improve their skills and use them frequently. Rangefinders with angle switches are deeply loved by golfers.

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Yes, in fact, the requirements of golf are better. You need to be able to use a very thin flagpole as a reflector

Yes, with the help of rangefinder, the hunting place is determined, and the distance between your position and different objects is measured

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