Golf Distance Finder | Long Distance Range Finder

Golf Distance Finder | Long Distance Range Finder

The laser rangefinder using pulse method can reach a wide ranging range and can be used for indoor and outdoor measurement. Its typical ranging range is 3.5m to 2000m, the high-range laser rangefinder can reach 5000m, and the laser rangefinder for military use can reach a longer range. Because it has the ability to measure long-distance measurement targets, in order to visually observe the ranging targets by users, the laser rangefinder generally has a telescope system, also known as the laser rangefinder telescope,
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Laser rangefinder | Distance finder

Pulse rangefinder emits a beam of light to the target object to measure the time when the target object reflects the light back, so as to calculate the distance between the instrument and the target object. Because the laser has good directivity and single wavelength, the photoelectric rangefinder generally uses the laser as the adjustment object, so the pulse rangefinder is also commonly known as the laser rangefinder.

Acoustic ranging | Distance finder

Acoustic ranging is an instrument that uses the reflection characteristics of sound waves to measure. Generally, ultrasonic is used as the modulation object, that is, ultrasonic rangefinder. The ultrasonic transmitter emits ultrasonic waves in a certain direction and starts timing at the same time. When the ultrasonic waves propagate in the air, they will return immediately when they encounter obstacles on the way, and the ultrasonic receiver will stop timing immediately after receiving the reflected wave.

Principle of laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinder generally adopts two methods to measure distance: pulse method and phase method. The process of pulse ranging is as follows: the laser emitted by the rangefinder is reflected by the measured object and then received by the rangefinder. The rangefinder records the round-trip time of the laser at the same time. Half the product of the speed of light and the round trip time is the distance between the rangefinder and the measured object. The accuracy of distance measurement by pulse method is generally about + / - 1m. In addition, the measurement blind area of this kind of rangefinder is generally about 15 meters.

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