Advantages of LaserWorks Laser rangefinder - best laser rangefinder

Advantages of LaserWorks Laser rangefinder
Your best laser rangefinder !
LaserWorks, a leading manufacturer of hand-held laser rangefinder, mounted laser rangefinder, OEM laser rangefinder module with output, measure range from 600m to 3,000m.

The laser rangefinder is composed of internal electronic system,eyepiece, objective lens,laser receiving lens, laser emission lens, housing. Every aspect plays its important role.

Compared with rangefinder from other suppliers, all of the lens applied for laser rangefinder are coated optical Resin lenses coated with light transmission rate as high as 84%-90% and highly impact-resistant feature.

Why choose coated resin lens? 
After coated resin lens filter harmful light to protect user’s eyes,increase light transmittance to achieve more stable performance, reduces the attenuation of laser power.