Laser Rangefinder Modules

LaserWorks Rangefinder Module

LaserWorks Rangefinder Module M36 is in a very compact dimension (42.5*31*20.5mm), 25 grams. Range to 2km, 1.7km to trees. Very suitable for integration into Various photoelectric equipment platforms, such as night vision device, UAV pod, etc.
Fast measurement: The measurement right start when Power on. Same cable for power supply and data communication. Provide a complete communication protocol to facilitate customer integration.

Laser Rangefinder Module

Class 1 laser eye safe, wavelength 905nm, Small in size and can be better integrated into the customer system applications. Can be measured up to 1200 meters, Accuracy: +/-0.5m
Working temperature: -20 to 60°C,Frequency: 1HZ

laser range finder module

Smart Laser Distance Laser Range Finder Module Sensor with TTL & RS232 is much more coniventent for users to test through conneting with laptop or any other device. Digital Laser Distance Module Sensor is mainly used for industrial smart devices to achieve measurement goal. Electronic Laser Distance Module Sensor responds quickly with high accuracy, and we are factory sale for users,can provide consistently technique supports for users.

laser rangefinder with rs232

Our laser rangefinder with rs232 solutions help you protect what is valuable, by offering safe means for target localization & surveillance. Our systems are all eyesafe class 1 laser based systems. They allow for safe, precise high frequency measurements at any range. Thanks to their compact and durable designs, they are adaptable to a variety of solutions, including but not limited to, turrets, optronic gimbals and handheld monoculars. 

The compact, eye safe and highly integrated oem laser rangefinder module module is utilized in various applications from versatile systems to handheld devices.
The module is delivered without enclosure enabling OEM-users to embed the module into their own system or device.