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Telescope range finder for golf and hunting

Premium Golf Rangefinder

The S7 Slope Laser Rangefinder is the ultimate measurement tool for golf. Distance to any target on the golf course at just the touch of a button. But that's not all -- slope measurements and slope compensated distance are yours as well. Knowing the precise distance to your target is the first step in the quest toward better swings, and S7 gives you everything you need to play your best.

Golf Rangefinder Specially for Women

LaserWorks released a golf rangefinder specially for wowen, which is in a very compact dimension, aluminum housing which is available to make lots of different colors as your requirements. Support small quantity for customization with laser engraved logo. 800PRO is a very professional golf range finder, with Pinseeker, Slope and Jolt.

rangefinder laser distance sensor

The compact, eye safe and highly integrated oem laser rangefinder module module is utilized in various applications from versatile systems to handheld devices.
The module is delivered without enclosure enabling OEM-users to embed the module into their own system or device.

Hunting Rangefinder Camera

No more hassle of taking off eyeglasses and focus for rangefinders! Laser rangefinder with camera & recording enables customers to measure simply by looking at the screen and clicking the button,to share with friends.

Night Vision Range Finder

Upgraded LRNV009 offers outstanding optical clarity,ultimate illumination and an unmatched field of view. Compact model features rugged, weather-resistant housing,available toadd an IR flashlight to dramatically increase viewing range. It is perfect for camping, caving, wildlife observation, surveillance.

digital night vision monocular

6X magnification Infrared Laser Night vision Rangefinder,Suitable for viewing wildlife at night,fishing,hunting and security personnel. It can also be used during the day. Multifunction Laser ranging Night vision ,digital night vision, The optical amplification systemusing 6x32.