3.5KM OLED Rangefinders

3.5KM OLED Rangefinders

What is a rangefinder ? 
Rangefinders measure the distance between you and your target using a laser beam. They are usually handheld and compact and can display the distance in yards or meters on a digital screen. 
Some rangefinders also have features like angle compensation, ballistic data, scan mode, and magnification.

Pros and cons of hanheld rangefinders
Rangefinders have some advantages over regular binoculars or rangefinding binoculars. 

These include the following:

They are cheaper than rangefinding binoculars.
They are lighter and more portable than rangefinding binoculars.
They are more accurate and faster than estimating distance by eye or using a reticle.
However, rangefinders also have some drawbacks; these are:

They have lower magnification and field of view than regular binoculars or rangefinding binoculars.
They require a steady hand and a clear line of sight to range a target.
They can be affected by weather conditions, like rain, fog, or snow, which can interfere with the laser beam or the display.
They can accidentally range a tree or obstacle in front of your target because you’re dealing with a lower magnification. 
They use a single eye instead of both eyes.

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