Best Laser Rangefinder Golf | Laser Rangefinder Rifle Mount

Best Laser Rangefinder Golf | Laser Rangefinder Rifle Mount

The range finder can calculate the distance between two targets with a very low accuracy, but it is very convenient for you to measure the distance between two targets.
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LaserWorks was established in 2011, specialized in pulse OEM, ODM laser rangefinders,rangefinder modules,for golf,hunting,UAV etc. applications.

LaserWorks Provide Laser Rangefinder, Range Finder, Golf Rangefinder, Laser Distance Meter, Distance Finder, etc.

Till now, LaserWorks has become the company with independent development, production, quality control, sales & after-sale service.

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Digital Laser Rangefinder

There is slope compensation, but there is no slope compensation switch button: it is only used for daily training, but the distance can be measured accurately in terms of horizontal plane, slope and slope angle. Although this rangefinder is only suitable for daily training, not all players are professional players. It is enough to use this rangefinder to improve the technology and use it frequently.

Best Laser Rangefinder

The accuracy of laser rangefinder mainly depends on the calculation accuracy of laser sending and receiving time. According to the adopted technology and application occasions, laser rangefinders can be divided into conventional laser rangefinders (mainly used for outdoor sports, hunting, etc.), with an accuracy of about 1m, and high-precision laser rangefinders for surveying and mapping, land surveying, construction, engineering applications, military, etc.

Portable outdoor rangefinder

Portable outdoor rangefinder is a more powerful version than indoor rangefinder. High precision, long range, dust-proof and waterproof are its strengths. Its measuring distance can reach more than 200 meters, which is very accurate, but its price is generally high.

Laser Rangefinder For Sale

The first important index of choosing laser rangefinder is the measurement range. There are many kinds of rangefinders on the market. Different models and styles also measure different distances.

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The ranging principle can be basically reduced to measuring the time required for light to and from the target, and then calculate the distance d through the light speed c = 299792458m / s and the atmospheric refractive index n. Because it is difficult to measure the time directly, it is usually to measure the phase of continuous wave, which is called phase measuring rangefinder. Of course, there are also pulse rangefinders, typically the di-3000 of wild It should be noted that phase measurement is not to measure the phase of infrared or laser, but to measure the signal phase modulated on infrared or laser. There is a hand-held laser rangefinder in the construction industry, which is used for house measurement, and its working principle is the same.

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