Golf Laser Range Finder | Range Finder Academy Sports

Golf Laser Range Finder | Range Finder Academy Sports

Rangefinders are divided into two categories, one is handheld rangefinders, the other is telescope rangefinders. The use methods and purposes of the two types are different.
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LaserWorks was established in 2011, specialized in pulse OEM, ODM laser rangefinders,rangefinder modules,for golf,hunting,UAV etc. applications.

LaserWorks Provide Laser Rangefinder, Range Finder, Golf Rangefinder, Laser Distance Meter, Distance Finder, etc.

Till now, LaserWorks has become the company with independent development, production, quality control, sales & after-sale service.

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Holding a rangefinder

Holding a rangefinder, when I want to measure another target, I first shoot infrared rays, aim at the measured target, press the measurement button of the machine, and the data will appear on the screen of the instrument within 1 second.

Laser Range Finder Scopes For Rifles

You will want the sight to last as long as your rifle. Therefore, please make sure it is made of the best quality materials. The oscilloscope shall also have shockproof and recoil performance to increase durability.
The sight shall be easy to operate and easy to install on the rifle. In most cases, compared with conventional oscilloscopes, rangefinder oscilloscopes are more difficult to install. Be sure to look for models that are easy to install to avoid wasting a lot of time.

Telescope rangefinder

The use method of telescope rangefinder is: hold the telescope in hand and face the eyepiece with one eye. There is a cross small circle in the eyepiece. Take this small circle as the middle point, aim at the target point we want to measure, press the measurement button, and the data will be displayed in the eyepiece.

About Bow Mounted Range Finder

The bow mounted rangefinder is very easy to use! They are mounted directly on your compound or crossbow! They are also quiet and lightweight! You can get an electronic (recommended), but some states do not allow the use of electronic devices on your weapons, so be sure to check with your local protection officer!

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Range finder is a kind of track calculation instrument, which is used to measure the target distance and calculate the track. There are many forms of rangefinder, usually a long cylinder, which is composed of objective lens, eyepiece and ranging knob to measure the target distance.

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