OEM Laser Range Finder - Laserworks in Shotshow Pop-up Preview

oem laser range finder
Shot Show is the most comprehensive and biggest trade show for all shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement professionals etc., which collects weapons, ammunition, enforcement equipment, knifes, outdoor equipment and optics devices all together.
Shot is short for Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor and Trade.oem laser range finder

Shot show is the best show that each and every vendor want to exhibit. It has taken us 2 years to get the Pop-up preview and will finally be guaranteed a standard booth in 2021.
Pop-up preview
Date: Jan. 22nd, 2020
Booth Number: 61934
Exhibiting Name: LaserWorks  

  1. Red illuminated LCD laser hunting rangefinder
  2. Digital night vision with range finder and recording
  3. Red dot sight rangefinder, scope mountable
  4. Rifle scope with wireless distance data transmission
  5. Camouflage camera with screen distance measure and recording
  6. New +/-0.3maccuracy 1200m range finder