LaserWorks Scoped Mounted LE-032

LaserWorks Scoped Mounted LE-032 Rangefinder Rifle Scope Mate Hunting or Bow-700yard Archey Mode with Angle 3 Sides mountable
1. Basic Ranging Mode: Continuous ranging with pitch angle displayed
2. Fog Mode: which can handle the interference caused by fog.
3. Angle Compensated Horizontal Distance: Display the angle compensated distance to the target.
LaserWorks Scoped Mounted LE-032 Rangefinder Details
  • LaserWorks LE-032 laser rangefinder is with a bracket that can be set to standard Picatinny rail or bracket or connector. An adjustable laser base is our newly tested and proved. The base can be used to adjust the laser up & down, left & right as needed.
  • Note: LE-032 is with 800g recoil proof as tested. May not suitable for a big caliber rifle due to the strong recoil (over 12ft-lb).
  • How to mount it to the left or right side? 1. Unscrew the bracket and the side screws you would like to install to. 2. Kindly use the Thread Glue for the 2 screws before you attach them to the left or right side, which is to ensure Philip screws fully installed to your device.