Telescope Range Finder With New Technology (LECD Technology)

With the developing of the high resolution of the semiconductor devices, the technology of pulse laser rangefinder becoming more and more mature, and higher ranging resolution,which could reached +/-0.1m.
But, higher resolution can’t improve the accuracy of the pulse rangefinders essentially due to the different reflection of the outdoor objects.
telescope range finder

When the laser illuminates to the different reflection objects, we have the echo. The echo will be effected by the different reflection rate. Low reflection rate: wider the echo. High reflection rate: Reduce the echo.
Should take some corresponding treatments for the echo signals, or it will appear: low reflection object gets a longer distance when they put in same position,same distance. Vice versa.
Adopt the LECD technology which can make sure when lasers illuminates to the different reflection objects, it will intelligent identify the ranging distance within the accuracy resolution.

Comparison dig. As below: