A few myths about buying laser distance meter golf!

Everyone who plays golf knows that distance is very important, because distance can determine the quality of the performance. Players usually judge the distance from the ball to the flagpole, usually need to carry out visual inspection by themselves or caddies, in order to select the club and how to play the power of the swing.

In addition to the player's own level, the selection of professional equipment is also very important. At present, the most direct equipment is the laser distance meter golf. However, people will be prone to the following misunderstandings when choosing a laser rangefinder.
laser distance meter golf

The blind pursuit of high indicators, any product has its technical indicators, high indicators correspond to high performance. In general, the most important technical indicator of laser distance meter golf is its measurement range and accuracy. With the increase in technical accuracy over the past few years, the ranging range has also continued to evolve in technology. Many golf players want their equipment to have the latest accuracy, so when they buy, they are desperately pursuing high accuracy and high measuring range The product.

This behavior is actually a misunderstanding. When a laser distance meter golf cannot completely meet the conditions of the parameters, it has many interference factors, such as harsh environments, complex terrain and actual measurement targets. When buying, if the user wants to measure the effect of 600 meters, do not choose a rangefinder with a parameter of 600, because this may not reach the data you want to measure

The price of laser rangefinders is unstable in the market, so many and many users think that the high-priced products are good when they buy them. In fact, regardless of the price and performance, the application is the best. . Just remember that the price of a product is not the point, the point is the product itself. Look at the product functions clearly, choose according to your own habits and needs, and seek professional guidance if necessary.