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The indoor golf detector is accurate and stable. The measurement of indoor golf flight parameters is the core link of the entire indoor golf simulation system. The measuring device must measure the various parameters of the ball flight at the moment the ball takes off to ensure accurate indoor golf flight simulation. Trajectory. The indoor golf detector is an indeterminate point detector that can measure the speed, declination and elevation angle of the indoor golf flight. It has the following characteristics:
1. Unfixed point detection The so-called unfixed point measurement does not specify the user's hitting position. The user can measure the flight parameters of the ball at any position on the mat. This measurement method is a breakthrough in fixed-point detection. , It is a breakthrough that requires the user to hit the ball in a fixed position, and truly realizes the real feeling of hitting the ball.
2. Double-row detection The indoor simulated golf detector adopts the double-row detection technology. The double-row detection corrects the measurement error of the single-row detection, the measurement result is more accurate, and the system is more stable.
3. Strong anti-interference. The indoor golf measuring device adopts infrared measurement technology and adopts 455M infrared pulse wave to avoid the interference of indoor light. The electronic components used for measurement are all imported components from Hewlett-Packard, the quality is guaranteed, infrared pulse The wave adopts a specific coding technology to ensure that the entire measurement system is interlocked without misjudgment and misoperation.

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