Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money (2020)

There are lots of golf rangefinder brands in the market, like Bushnell golf rangefinders, Nikon golf rangefinder, Callaway rangefinders ect. The best golf rangefinder is not necessarily the most expensive option on the market. You want the one that’s most reliable in terms of the distance to the flag while also being very easy to use. 
New advances in technology means accurate information is available on the course to golfers of all abilities.  There was a time when only professional golfers had good yardage information thanks to their caddies but that has changed. Let’s find out what the best budget golf rangefinder is!

Golf Yardage Scope
A golf scope is a small, hand-held tool that measure how many yards are between your golf ball and the hole. Golf scopes are handy if you are playing a strange course and are unsure of the yardage.

Slope Rangefinder
Slope technology is something a lot of golfers don’t understand and it’s vital to accurate readings which is what sets this piece of equipment apart from all the others. This is even more important on the longer shot when there is an incline or decline on the hole. So, with slope technology, it will give you an actual yardage and an adjusted yardage based on the elevation.

Vibration Range finder

Vibration Lock Technology: Your rangefinder will give a slight pulse giving you the extra confidence that you have locked in to your target.

LaserWorks Rangefinder will works for you. Here is our hot selling and high feedback golf rangefinder.
LaserWorks Golf Laser Range Finder G600 has 4 colors:White,Black,Red,Yellow. 5 modes that are suitable for every situation. (Standard Ranging, Pinseeker, Pinseeker Slope Mode, Fog, Scan Mode )
LaserWorks golf rangefinder has a 6x magnification, by using crystal clear glasses it will help the user have an exlent view of the targets. The laser range finder monocular can be widely used for travel, sightseeing, golf sports, hunting, camping as well as for any measurement of outdoor projects. It is a very good assistant to improve our outdoor life quality.