Features of rangefinder

Features of rangefinder
Long-distance measurement, it can measure a long distance under the condition of no reflector and low reflectivity;
With a synchronization input terminal, multiple sensors can measure simultaneously;
Wide measuring range and short response time;
Compact design, easy to install and easy to operate;
It can measure the distance of various objects (no reflector is needed); The filter can be added to measure the high temperature object;
Visible light is easy to aim at the measured object;
LDM42 response speed is up to 50Hz;
The highest measurement accuracy is 3mm, and the resolution is 0.1mm;
Output: serial port RS232/RS422, analog output 420mA, analog port and switch value can be set by software;
LDM43 with Profibus DP and SSI bus interface, easy to integrate into industrial field bus;
External synchronization input;
Application field
Laser rangefinders have been widely used in the following fields: electricity, water conservancy, communications, environment, construction, geology, police, fire protection, blasting, navigation, aviation, railways, anti-terrorism/military, agriculture, forestry, real estate, leisure/outdoor Sports etc.