Golf rangefinder, the "fifteenth club" in your bag

According to research, on a standard 18-hole golf course, on average, 14 drivers are used, 4 fairway woods, 25 irons, and 25 wedges. (Wedge) 10 times, golf rangefinder 49 times.
The rangefinder has become the 15th most frequently used "club", an indispensable equipment.
After you have the double vision rangefinder, when you come to the court, you can directly see the distance between the front and rear edges of each obstacle point, the range of the kick-off distance and other information through the rangefinder.
After knowing the necessary distances on the court, you only need to relax your mind and easily choose the offensive line to have it, which is equivalent to having your own "caddie", you can have a clearer understanding of the situation on the court so that you can formulate strategies.