How to brand your logo on laser rangefinder if small quantity?

When clients contact us, they often ask a question: Could you brand our logo on your laser rangefinder? Yes, of course, we are factory, that is one of our advantage comparing to trade company. Normally clients request could be satisfied when they come up with rebranding logo, because their quantity is enough to the MOQ , which is demanded by our silk prinking supplier. 
But not all clients have so big quantity, that is a pain point for them, they want rangefinder with their own logo but quantity is small at the beginning, they sincerely hope to get support from factory, what should we do? Small quantity, high cost, then it lead to high unit price on each product, not competitive for our customers. We need to find a solution.
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Most of rangefinder casing material is ABS or Rubber. In our new models, we adopt new material- Aluminum alloy. What’s more, we have purchased a laser engraving machine. With these two improvement, no matter what quantity order, OEM is available, and the cost is very low comparing to silk printing on plastic casing.

Now we have three models could OEM via laser engraving, LW2024 800PRO with resolution +/-0.1m, more colors available, black, red, silver, blue, red and so on. Logo could be at any location on the casing, and any size. But logo color only white, it is the limitation of laser engraving. Other models like LE032 riflescope rangefinder, LW009AS night vision rangefinder, as picture below.
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