How to do the daily maintenance of handheld laser rangefinder

Problems needing attention when using hand-held rangefinder:  handheld laser rangefinder cannot be directly measured with human eyes, so as to avoid harm to human body. At the same time, the vibration meter generally has no waterproof function, so pay attention to waterproof. Laser rangefinder, because it is mainly suitable for outdoor hunting lovers in the United States, has the advantages of waterproof and anti fog, and is equipped with color painting of branches and leaves of jungle trees.
The laser does not have anti falling function, and the laser rangefinder is easy to damage the illuminator. Maintenance of handheld rangefinder: regularly check the appearance of the instrument and remove the dust, grease and mold on the surface in time. When cleaning the eyepiece, objective lens or laser emitting window, use a soft dry cloth. It is forbidden to scratch with hard objects to avoid damaging the optical performance. This machine is a high-precision optical electromechanical integration instrument, which should be handled with care. It is strictly prohibited to squeeze or fall from height to avoid damaging the instrument.