Hunting rangefinder|Essential accessories for hunting in the jungle

When you're ready to go out and hunt in the forest, you know you have to be well prepared - especially if you plan to hunt for several days!
Therefore, you must carry the appropriate accessories with you. If you miss a piece of gear and you realize that after you arrive at your destination, your hunt may be over before it actually begins, because the hunting accessories I cover below are must-haves!

reliable binoculars
As you probably know, binoculars are a standard tool for any explorer or hunter. In fact, as many have said, the hunter is still a seeker because he is already exploring the fields in search of his target before the hunt begins.
With the right binoculars, you can measure your distance from your prey like a real hunter and explore your surroundings - without disturbing and/or scaring any prey. On the other hand, such a tool is very helpful for finding something unusual, and it will be more efficient to help you plan ahead of the action, such as finding a jungle trail or a cliff.

hunting bait
Depending on your hunting goals, you may want to never forget to bring bait!
Turkey and waterfowl hunters say not using bait is a very big mistake that can seriously affect a person's final harvest. In fact, some people say that the more bait you have at your disposal, the more often you'll fill your bag with loot.

hunting rangefinder
When hunting deer or elk, any sudden movement in their vicinity will alert the animal and cause them to flee. Naturally, this is the main reason why hunters use rifles—even bolt-action rifles—to hunt these animals from a distance.
In this case, you may need to equip a rangefinder. This special tool helps you measure the distance to the target to ensure accurate shots. Remember that the range of the rangefinder should be appropriate for the type of prey you hunt.

various knives
Speaking of knives, if you're going to hit your prey on the spot, you'll need your usual pocket knife, as well as a skinner and cleaver.
If you're relying on just a pocket knife, it should be strong enough to peel the flesh and skin of animals -- at least small ones. Many hunters prefer pocket-carrying folding knives to skinning/guting knives because they are light and don't take up much space.

bone saw
If you hunt large animals such as deer or elk, a bone saw can be very useful during the hunt. With it, you can cut open the ribcage of an animal, or cut through any thick joint that makes you uncomfortable.
On top of that, the saw can also be used to cut wood for fire and cooking.