Is polarized night vision goggles useful for driving? | digital night vision scope

When driving at night, drivers are very afraid of high beams and reflected light, because it tends to cause short-term blindness and can’t see the situation ahead. So the polarized night vision goggle was born, which can prevent strong light. Light hurts our eyesight, and we can see more clearly at night, so is the polarized night vision goggles useful for driving? Can it be worn during the day? Let’s take a look.
Polarized night vision goggles have a certain effect when driving, because they can prevent glare, reflected light, and phosphorescence on the water surface. The effect is better in a strong light environment, so it is obviously beneficial to wear it when driving. . But everyone needs to be aware that polarized night vision goggles do not work at all times. For example, the effect is general in low-light environments, and it may even affect eyesight.
Although night vision goggles can make the driver see more clearly at night, its shortcomings are also very obvious. While reducing the reflection of the opposite side, it will reduce the intensity of the incoming light, resulting in some things that can be seen can not be seen clearly. , So it’s not always suitable to wear night vision goggles at night.
It can be worn during the day but it is not necessary, because many polarized night vision goggles are mainly designed for the night environment, and the light in the day is stronger than at night, so if you want to play the effect of the polarizer during the day, you can try to buy some ordinary polarizers , Without the need to buy night vision goggles.
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