Laser rangefinder is widely used

There is slope compensation, but there is no slope compensation switch button: it is only used for daily training, but the distance can be measured accurately in terms of horizontal plane, slope and slope angle. Although this rangefinder is only suitable for daily training, not all players are professional players. It is enough to use this rangefinder to improve the technology and use it frequently. Therefore, the price is relatively cheap and moderate, because the demand is great, so the market is also more.
In fact, this purchase is a misunderstanding. The rangefinder can not fully meet the parameter conditions, and there are many interference factors, such as harsh environment. Complex terrain and actual measurement targets. When purchasing, if the user wants to measure the effect of 600 meters, do not choose the range finder with the parameter of 600 meters, because it may not reach the data you want to measure.
Now the price of laser rangefinder is very unstable in the market, so many users think that high priced products are good, regardless of performance and applicability. They often wait until they use it to complain, and they have to spend money on other styles.
Therefore, when purchasing the range finder, please remember: the price is not the focus, but the product itself. Clearly see the product functions, choose according to your own usage habits and needs, and seek professional guidance if necessary.