LaserWorks Rangefinder Module

LaserWorks Rangefinder Module offers outstanding technical characteristics combined with an excellent price performance-ratio for the integration of length and/or position measurement systems, especially in the fields of industrial and security applications.
LaserWorks Rangefinder Module
At an operational wavelength of 905nm the measurement range is 4m to 600m, 5-1,000m, & 5-1,500m with an measurement accuracy of +/-0.5m. The special processing electronics enable the Laser Rangefinder a maximum range capability within eye-safety class 1.

Application areas:
Compact design and low weight allow the use of the Laser Rangefinder in a wide range of application areas:

1. Industrial automation
Monitoring and positioning of installations
Distance measurement in the areas of geology and conveyor technology
Position monitoring in rail and shipping traffic and in container transport

2. Sport and observation optics ( Thermal or Night vision equipment )
Laser distance measurement with daylight sight long-range optics
Night vision combined with distance measurement
Laser distance measurement for target optics in the hunting and sports shooting area

3. Security technology
Altimeter in flying objects
Distance measurement in platforms for border control or monitoring of critical infrastructure facilities
Distance measurement in traffic flow

Our latest module which is with small laser beam & longer distance > 1,500 meters. ODM your own module is available.
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