Precautions when choosing a golf distance finder

When playing golf, knowing the distance is very important the first time, which determines the quality of the performance. In practice, players often judge the distance from the ball to the flagstick through visual inspection by themselves or the caddie to decide which iron in the bag to choose and the strength of the swing. At this time, a golf rangefinder is needed. However, there are many misunderstandings when purchasing a golf distance finder

golf distance finder

1. Blindly pursue high ranging range

Any product has its own technical indicators, and high indicators certainly represent relatively high performance. The most important technical indicator of a golf distance finder is its measuring range and accuracy. With the continuous technological breakthroughs in the accuracy and range of laser rangefinders in recent years, many players want to keep their equipment accurate at all times, so they are desperately pursuing high-precision and long-range products when purchasing products. .

2. Coveting cheapness but regretting it

At present, the price of golf distance finder is extremely unstable in the market, so many users use price as a reference standard when purchasing, especially those who don’t know the rangefinders, greet price discounts and ignore performance. Many golfers only started to complain when they used it, and they had to spend money on other styles.