Precision golf laser rangefinder|How to choose a high-precision rangefinder

precision golf laser rangefinder

High-precision altimeters are an important branch of laser rangefinders, occupying approximately 30% of the market share of laser rangefinders. As the name suggests, laser height goniometer refers to a laser rangefinder that can measure distance and height together. High-precision altimeters are also called multi-function laser rangefinders. They are generally telescope-type, with a measurement interval of 5-2000 meters and a measurement accuracy of 1 meter.

one. The principle of laser range altimeter
High-precision altimeters generally use two methods to measure the interval: pulse method and phase method. The process of pulse distance measurement is as follows: the laser light emitted by the range finder is reflected by the measuring object and then received by the range finder, and the range finder records the reciprocating time of the laser together. Half of the product of the speed of light and the reciprocating time is the distance between the rangefinder and the object being measured. The accuracy of the pulse method measurement interval is generally around +/- 1 meter. In addition, the measurement blind zone of this type of rangefinder is generally about 5 meters.

two. Classification of high-precision altimeters
High-precision altimeters can be divided into two categories in function:
1. High-precision altimeter that can only measure the level
At present, most of the products on the market belong to this kind of high-precision altimeter. The height displayed by this range altimeter is the level between the target and the range finder.
2. High-precision altimeter that can measure the absolute height together