rangefinder | Knowledge about the use of rangefinders

The laser rangefinder is a measuring tool that uses laser as a carrier to realize the ranging function. The handheld laser rangefinders currently on the market mainly use the following lasers: semiconductor lasers with working wavelengths of 905nm and 1540nm, and YAG lasers with working wavelengths of 1064nm. The 1064nm wavelength is harmful to human skin and eyes, especially if the eyes are accidentally exposed to the 1064nm wavelength laser, the damage to the eyes may be permanent.
For the 905 nm and 1540 nm laser rangefinders, we call them "safe". For the 1064nm laser rangefinder, we call it "unsafe" because it is potentially harmful to the human body.
Laser rangefinder, because the laser is used for distance measurement, and the pulsed laser beam is a monochromatic light source with very concentrated energy, so do not look directly at the launch port with your eyes, and do not use a sight to observe the smooth reflective surface, so as not to injure people s eyes. The measurement must be carried out in accordance with the safe operation specifications in the instrument manual. Do not directly aim the transmitter port of the instrument at the sun during field measurement, so as not to burn the photosensitive element of the instrument.