rangefinder laser golf Show in Shenzhen

Welcome to Shenzhen, as a manufacturer of Golf range finders in Shenzhen,we are very pleased and warmly welcome to invite you to attend the Golf Show.
Keep up with new trend of golf market and booming demand on leisure lifestyle, meanwhile a positive response to national policy guideline on rapid development of fitness & leisure industry, Shenzhen International Golf Show ( SIGS) aim to build an high-efficient platform featured with both entertainment and profession elements through series of highly interactive activities including product display, fashion show, trend study, trade exchanges, theme forum, teaching & coaching onsite etc. so as to build up a brand-new experiential GOLF CARNIVAL in China.
rangefinder laser golf

Show Date: Julyl 31th – August 2, 2020, Changed to July. 

Show Venue: Hall 8 , Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

LaserWorks Booth Number: 

We attened the golf show hold in Shanghai before, showing our new golf range finder, and meet lots of customers from different countries. We have the OEM rangefinders which is specially for the distributors or wholesalers. Would be very happy to meet them again here in Shenzhen, and the new vistors.

Our hot selling golf rangefinder with: Pinseeker, Slope, and Vibration.
600m, 1000m all available for you, resoluction is +/-0.1m, fast and accurate.

Welcome to stop by our booth 7C11, See you there :)
rangefinder laser golf