Several major misunderstandings in purchasing a laser rangefinder

Many people fall into the following misunderstandings when choosing a laser rangefinder.

laser rangefinder

1. Only consider the price

Chinese rangefinder manufacturers have sprung up in recent years, and many brands have emerged. The quality of rangefinders varies from good to bad. Don't just consider the price when choosing a product. Low prices must be due to low prices. Check whether the product has a certificate, whether the product design is reasonable, and whether it is drop-resistant; the laser grade of the product, some products cannot be seen directly by children, and direct viewing may damage the eyes. The price of laser rangefinders is very confusing in the market, and many users may think that high-priced products are good when purchasing, and blindly pursue high prices.

2. Blindly pursue high targets

Any product has its own technical indicators, and high indicators certainly represent relatively high performance. In recent years, the accuracy and range of laser rangefinders have been continuously improved. Many surveying and mapping professionals feel that they need to keep their work extremely accurate, so they desperately pursue high precision and high measurement range when purchasing. When purchasing, users should choose the rangefinder according to their actual needs. For example, the laser rangefinder selected by ordinary individual users depends on how far the range is, whether high accuracy is required, and the accuracy is not particularly high. , You can choose a rangefinder with better performance and cheaper price.

3. Too much attention to parameters

This reminds users that they must actually experience the effect of the laser rangefinder when purchasing. Only in this way can we ensure the matching degree of the product and the demand, and obtain the corresponding technical support, to provide you with the most suitable solution.