LaserWorks released a new slope golf rangefinder in 2021, which is with the latest technology in golf market.
With: Slope On/Off button, Pinseeker > 400+ yards, Slope, Jolt. 

LaserWorks Slope Golf Rangefinder is the ultimate golf accessory to locate precise distances within one yard. It has been built with high definition options and brighter resolution with the new LCD display.

6x MAGNIFICATION: LaserWorks Slope golf rangefinder with slope displays a 21mm viewfinder that delivers crystal clear optics with 6X magnification. The Adaptive Slope Technology allows you to toggle between elevation slope and non-slope modes.

1,000 YARD RANGE: This golf laser rangefinder is accurate within one yard, has a 1,000-yard range capacity, and displays 1/10-yard measurements. It is water resistant and delivers a quick vibration when the target has been acquired.

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