Some maintenance tips for golf rangefinders

When it comes to golf rangefinders, many people now know that rangefinders are very easy to use. Presumably all friends who have used golf rangefinders have deep experience. So how do these rangefinders perform related maintenance and maintenance?

1. Take it lightly

The anti-fall function of golf rangefinders is generally relatively weak, especially the light emitter is very easy to be damaged, and it is generally more repaired after being broken, so you must be careful when using it, take care not to touch the hard Objects to avoid unnecessary damage.

Second, clean up the appearance in time

If golf rangefinders are often placed in unclosed places, they will be easily contaminated with dust, which will make the outside dirty, resulting in the appearance of mold stains, grease and other contaminants on the surface. This will not only make the appearance lack of cleanliness, but the dirt will enter the interior , May also affect the performance of its performance, so everyone should clean up the appearance from time to time to ensure its cleanliness from the outside and inside.
golf rangefinders
Three, pay attention to waterproof

Generally, golf rangefinders are not waterproof, and rangefinders are no exception. Therefore, you must avoid getting close to the water source when using the rangefinder, let alone rinse with water, because this is a collection of electricity, machine, and light. High-precision instruments, if used improperly, will easily cause water intrusion and equipment failure.

Fourth, do not disassemble and rectify without permission

The components in golf rangefinders are very precise. Do not disassemble and rectify them during use. If the disassembly and assembly procedures are not correct, it is easy to cause the equipment to not work properly, and it will also cause damage to the components.