The Best Rangefinder Factory in China

If you want to start rangefinder business, a reliable factory is helpful and necessary, what they can bring you? Of course, every factory will say we can bring quality product, good price, satisfied service, what else, can they updating their product line and offer new products continue to face the changing of market ?
Because of Covid-19 spread all over the world, people can’t go outside, many stores & companies close, for many factories, this public health event is a fatal, they can’t pay staff salary, no order, they have to close factory for 4-6 month. Not sure if you can still find them after this event pass. For some factory, producing mask is an option to keep factory open, however they are not professional at mask, will products get approval by market, the possibility is very small. 
We say LaserWorks is the best rangefinder factory in China, how we do during this crisis. We didn’t join in the mask production, we are not good at it. What we are specialized at is laser rangefinder. We just calm down and take advantage of this crisis, before it, our factory like a  machine running at high speed , we don’t have time to reflect on our production process, our factory management. Because of Covid-19, we have much more time to accelerate product development, Optimize production and management, improve product inspection process. 
We have focused on rangefinder for more than 15 years, our mission is produce user-friendly laser distance rangefinder for hunting and golf market. We just owned our new factory with laboratories, quality control, electronic, optical dust-free, calibration &final assembly workshops, packaging workshops, warehouses and offices in strict accordance with the requirements and standards of fire, environmental protection, security and intelligence. Recently we apply Internet +, big data, cloud computing, face recognition and other technologies, as well as the improvement of ERP production management process, which provide a guarantee for the company's industrial upgrading. At the same time, we continue to increase research and development investment, focused pulse laser ranging technology, optimize circuit design, improve product performance, expand the scope of application. The new generation of products in the measurement speed, measurement accuracy greatly optimized, the measurement distance of more than 3500 meters. Except for the 3.5km long range rangefinder, we narrow the divergence of laser beam to 3mrad. 
In coming days, we will release several new hunting range finder and golf distance meter to welcome reopen business after convid-19. So welcome visit our factory and test our new products.