Understand the classification of laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinders are very common, but many people don't understand the different types of laser rangefinders.

laser rangefinder

1. Laser rangefinders are divided into three categories. One is handheld laser rangefinders. This type of rangefinder has a relatively short measuring distance, generally 20-250 meters, with high measurement accuracy, generally 1-2 mm. Very extensive.

2. Telescope laser rangefinder. This type of laser rangefinder measures a long distance, generally 500-2000 meters, with relatively low accuracy, and the general accuracy is 0.5-1 meters. The main application range is long-distance measurement in the field, such as electricity. Environmental protection, forest, animal and plant protection, field investigation, etc.

3. The laser ranging sensor has relatively high accuracy requirements and can be integrated with other equipment. It is mainly used in industry and online monitoring. The first type of handheld laser rangefinder is mainly used for high-precision indoor design measurement. The measurement accuracy is high, about 1mm, and the measurement distance is generally 40-250 meters. This is currently the most widely used laser rangefinder. Hand-held laser rangefinders can be divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. The outdoor range is 200-300 meters. The difference between it and the indoor type is that the handheld laser rangefinder used in the indoor type has a short range of 40-100 meters. Because there is no built-in magnifying sight, it can only be used indoors.