What are the advantages of digital hunting rangefinder?

1. Efficient ranging
The digital hunting rangefinder uses high-precision remote sensing technology. The use of this technology can ensure that the rangefinder responds quickly in range measurement, so that it can achieve super-continuous distance measurement, and at the same time can achieve ultra-long distance measurement. It can meet the high standards of measurement requirements; at the same time, the rangefinder is accurate and accurate in measurement angle and measurement data, and the transmission of measurement data is also very efficient.
digital hunting rangefinder
2. Strong anti-interference ability

One of the unique advantages of digital hunting rangefinder is that it is generally necessary to eliminate the interference of background obstacles during measurement. When measuring a certain target object, there may be other interferers around the measurement target, so it is used. As long as the range finder is aimed at the target and the POWER key is pressed, it can be moved between the measured target and the background. The last displayed distance will be the nearest target distance, which can avoid the possibility of misdetection.

3. The brightness of electronic digital can be adjusted at any time

The optical lens of the digital hunting rangefinder is generally fully multilayered. The brightness of the electronic digital in the lens can generally be adjusted at any time through the adjustment button. The black digital display of the traditional range finder is changed at the same time. The low-brightness LED built into the distance meter can adapt well to changes in external light.