What is the difference between industrial laser rangefinder and ordinary laser rangefinder?

  When it comes to laser rangefinder and laser rangefinder, the two names seem to be the same at first glance, but in practical applications, industrial laser rangefinder and ordinary laser rangefinder are still very different. In the process of buying and selling, there are always some misunderstandings. Today, let us make a simple comparison.

  I. Industrial laser rangefinder

  Industrial laser rangefinder measuring distance is about 0.5-3, 000 meters, accuracy is less than 50 mm. Reflective plates should be added 300 meters away. Some products can also measure speed while measuring distance. Mainly used for position control, such as vehicles and ships, positioning these machines and equipment. Of course, you can also control the metallurgical process; inaccessible objects, such as pipe filling, pipe, container measurement and water level measurement. There are many kinds of intelligent industrial laser rangefinder used in industrial control
laser rangefinder
   Second, ordinary laser rangefinder

   The measuring distance of ordinary laser rangefinder is generally within 200 meters, with an accuracy of about 2 mm. This is currently widely used laser rangefinder. The outdoor distance is short, and the large measurement range depends on the environment. The measurement accuracy is 2mm.

   Third, telescopic long-distance laser ranging

   The measuring distance of this rangefinder is generally about 600-30000 meters. The measuring distance of this rangefinder is relatively long, but the accuracy is relatively low, the accuracy is generally around 1 meter. The range of a common range finder is 1600 meters (high anti-reflection target)/500 meters (natural target), which is mainly used for distance detection, contour scanning, train collision prevention, intrusion detection, aircraft docking and high-speed measurement.