Why are professional players using golf rangefinders?

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In recent years, whether at home or abroad, as more and more people play golf, more and more people use golf rangefinders, and the frequency of use has also increased greatly.
A major reform of the new golf regulations, the new golf regulations officially came into effect in 2019. One of the most revolutionary items in a series of important reforms is the restriction on the use of "range finder".
In the past, rangefinders were forbidden to use unless permitted by local regulations. In the new rules, rangefinders can be used unless prohibited by local regulations.
Based on this, major events including the 2021 Grand Slam-PGA Championship, Women’s PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship, PGA Tour Class I and European Tour Class I have also announced that they will allow the use of "range finder". instrument".
This also makes more and more people use golf rangefinders. For example, in professional-level professional competitions, when your opponent uses a golf rangefinder and you don't use a rangefinder, it will be a disadvantage to a large extent. of.
The PGA Championship will be the first Grand Slam to release the rangefinder
Because the golf range finder is used to measure the distance, the distance measurement is more accurate, and the accuracy of the distance measurement directly affects the club used and the final score. As a result, the party who does not use the range finder will likely have worse results than using the range finder. Of the party.
In fact, long before major events allowed the use of golf rangefinders, golf rangefinders have long become one of the necessary equipment for technical improvement training, including the current British Open professional players are no exception.
Because playing golf requires not only diligent study, but also wisdom, the golf rangefinder designed and built through high-tech design can be effectively used in daily training.
It not only allows us to easily get the angle, height and direction of the target position, and long-term accumulation can also increase our accurate judgment and estimation of the distance.
In this way, the output of stable and effective results can be formed, and the muscle memory of accurate and good results can be formed in the body, and an average player can be promoted to a high level, and it can even help amateur golfers to advance into professional players.
Therefore, the golf rangefinder, also known as the "15th pole" in the bag, is an indispensable and important partner when playing golf.
In addition, the golf rangefinder is an artifact of the reduction of rods. As far as we are currently playing, most of them rely on the caddy to report the number of yards, and such people will inevitably have some errors in the distance measurement by the naked eye.
Especially for the shot of the green, the size of the green area, the position of the flagpole inserted in the front, middle, and back of the green, plus some factors such as the undulations and drops of the terrain, the accuracy of the estimation is that It's harder.
Even with their own experience, especially inexperienced golfers, many times there is no way to accurately judge the actual distance.
And these, golf range finder can directly help you understand the specific situation, very accurately measure the actual distance hundreds or even thousands of meters away. Don't rely on feelings, use a golf rangefinder, rely on strength to reduce shots.