Why our company is called Laserworks? China laser rangefinder

Every one harbors a dream, either big or small. When our company is established initially, we have a dream to become a popular & reliable laser rangefinder supplier. But we didn’t have a brand name until our company founder Mr. Fu travelled to the USA for laser rangefinder market research. He happened to see the DREAMWORKS logo sign in Los Angeles and it suddenly came to him that LaserWorks was great explanation of his dream and work. China laser rangefinder
After he came back from the USA, he started to work on the registration of Laserworks and got it registered in the USA, Europe & China.
Thanks to more and more talented and energetic co-workers joining LaserWorks and our continuous investigation in rangefinder development & manufacturing craftsmanship upgrading, our company has accumulated more and more customers, big and small with our reliable rangefinder quality and professional sales support. Now we are growing more powerful now with more resource to develop and customize product for customers. As long as you have a dream product, optics or electronics related, please come to us. We will make it happen! 
LaserWorks, rangefinder works for you!
china laser rangefinder