• 3500m laser rangefinder
  • 3500m laser rangefinder
  • 3500m laser rangefinder
  • 3500m laser rangefinder

3500m laser rangefinder

wholesale 3500m laser rangefinder supplier, laserworks 2020 upgraded new version mini rangefinder module MU1012, max range 3500m, accurate +/-1 meter, frequency 1HZ, output TTL&RS232, laser eyesafe class 1.
The compact, eye safe and highly integrated oem laser rangefinder module module is utilized in various applications from versatile systems to handheld devices.
The module is delivered without enclosure enabling OEM-users to embed the module into their own system or device.

rangefinder laser distance sensor With TTL Output a new generation ranging sensor with optimally-designed emitting & receiving optical lens, suitable for precise, long-distance measurements.
It provides accurate distance measurement whatever the target color and reflectivity unlike conventional technologies.
Can measure absolute distances up to 1500m on a white target, setting a new benchmark in ranging performance levels, opening the door to various new applications.

3500m laser rangefinder module offers reliable distance feedback & TTL/RS232 serial output. It is suitable for customizing product integration,especially for night vision, thermal or EVA ect.

• Ultra compact and lightweight
• Pulsed time-of-flight measurement
• Low power consumption
• Ranging capability up to 2000 m
• Eye safe Class 1 Applications
• Observation and surveillance
• Border and port control
• Off shore rescue
• Drone & UAV gimbals
• Handheld devices
• Sights

laser range finder

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