• best golf laser rangefinder
  • best golf laser rangefinder
  • best golf laser rangefinder
  • best golf laser rangefinder

best golf laser rangefinder

Two types of people like to use affordable rangefinders these days for their hobbies. One group is comprised of hunters and rifle shooters, who need to know the precise distance to their targets to hit the bull’s eye. The other main group is the golfers, who pick the club they use depending on the distance of the spot where they want the ball to go. Usually, a rangefinder is specifically designed for either hunters or golfers. But then there’s the LaserWorks LW001 is the Best Laser Rangefinder is for Hunting and Golf.

The range is an outstanding 1000 meters, which makes it more than enough for golfers and certainly useful for long range shooting. In fact, if you can focus on a reflective object, the range extends out to 1600 yards. The readings are in either yards or meters, and the accuracy is at plus or minus a meter.
The technology used to measure distance works very quickly, so the measurements are computed virtually instantaneously. You can even use this to track the speed of your targets. There’s also a mode for continuous scanning.
Golfers will appreciate its ability to differentiate a flagpole right away when you’re trying to approach the greens. Hunters, on the other hand, will enjoy the fog mode when they go out hunting at dusk or dawn.
This comes with 6x magnification and a 7.2-degree viewing angle. You’ll get a close enough look without finding it too hard to lock into your target
best golf laser rangefinder
Golf Rangefinder

Tournament legal Non-Slope Mode
Modes of:
Stanndard Ranging ( Scan )

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