• best golf range finder
  • best golf range finder
  • best golf range finder
  • best golf range finder
  • best golf range finder

best golf range finder

This LaserWorks laser rangefinder employs the Advanced PinSeeking Technology and enables you to establish a precise distance up to 850 yards, by ignoring any intersecting bodies that could impede with your assessment of the distance to the target. A good illustration of such impediment is raindrops that will affect the distance readout on some competitor distance finders.
Scan technology allows you to search for dangers such as water and sand traps showing the distances to the hazards and whether you will be able to cross over the treacherous areas or whether you should lay up.

best golf range finder
The maximum distance of the LW2002 is 850 yards and with 6X enlargement, it is doubtful that you will battle to be able to differentiate the flag from as far out as the suggested 850 yards. Measurement is displayed in yards with a precision rating of 0.1 yards. You can also swop the readout to meters if preferred.
The power button performs as a trigger to start measuring the distance with a single click. Any protruding body part or article that may be picked up in the view will influence the distance

Slope On/Off
Swift and precise yardage and slope
Dual display
Clear optics
Robust metal housing
Entirely Impermeable
6X amplification and up to 250-yard distance to a flag
Jolt technology

professional laser rangefinder

Type of laser  905nm
Objective Lens 21mm
Magnification  6X
Field of View  7.2
Accuracy  ±0.1m
LCD Display  Black
Battery  3V CR2
Net Weight  158g
Dimension 97 97*37*65mm
Warranty  12 month 
1. Standard Ranging
2. Angle Distance
3. Pin Lock
4. Golf Compensated Distance
5. Vertical Height Measurement

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