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best golf rangefinder

Not all rangefinders can withstand unannounced weather conditions: this may end of putting a player at a disadvange. The LaserWorks S7 performs phenomenally in rainy, windy and foggy conditions providing the unhindered advange every player desires.  This is achieved via the 6X magnification that zooms into areas across the landscape providing the clarity and brightness required to avoid bunkers.

If you are looking for a proficient, solid model at the best price – this Laserworks Rangefinder might be the right one for yourself. This best rangefinder model is very effortless and simple to use. Both bowhunters and golfers are appreciated its size, range, and accuracy. It has excellent range and magnification and it can be used for various occasions. If you really want the best rangefinder for the money I think this is the right one for you!

The versatility of this laserworks rangefinder is something exceptional for this price range, by the way. I hope that this review will give you the details information that you need to settle on if this is the right one for you or not.


Measurement Range: 5 - 800yd
Accuracy: +/- 1 yd (1 m)
Measurement Units: Yards or Meters
PINLOCK Technology for easy flagstick measurements
SLOPE On/Off allows for USGA sanctioned event legality conformity
Scan Mode for multiple readings at the touch of a button
Magnification: 6X
Water Resistance: IPX4
Power: CR2 3V Lithium Battery

best golf rangefinder

The main technical index: Details:
Wavelength:  905nm 
Max Ranging Distance: 3000m,800m,1200m.
Ranging method Laser 905nm, Class 1
Ranging Error ±1M/Y
Ranging display LCD display
effective objective lens diameter 21mm
Magnification 6X
Field of view  7.2
Eyepiece Adjustable
Measuring height and Angle  ±89 °
Objective diameter 21mm
Outlet diameter 3.5mm
exit distance 12mm
Focus mode Eyepiece focusing
To Tree 2500 m
Lens coating multi-layer coating
Rainproof Yes
Min Ranging Distance 5m
Distance Resolution +/-1m
Power supply 3V 
Working Temperature:  -℃~+50℃
Dimensions 105mm*40mm*77mm
Weight 155g
Function 7 Mode: Ranging, Speed, Angle, Horizontal, Vertical, Slope,Pinseeker.
7 Mode: Ranging, Speed, Angle, Horizontal, Vertical, Slope,Pinseeker.

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