• best golf rangefinders
  • best golf rangefinders
  • best golf rangefinders
  • best golf rangefinders

best golf rangefinders

A golf rangefinder can help you improve your game and tailor your shots by telling you the distance between your current location and the hole you’re aiming for, or other known points on the course. Laser rangefinders are by far the most common choice by today’s golfers. LaserWorks LW-600SPI is a high end golf rangefinder suited to serious golfers who don’t mind splashing out on the best equipment.

The PinSeeker makes it easy to lock onto a flag, or other target, which improves accuracy. What’s more, the Jolt Technology sends subtle vibrations through the unit when you’re locked onto the target so you can be sure you have an accurate reading.
The display through the lens is extremely clear with 6x magnification. It can measure up to 850 yards, which is plenty for the vast majority of fairways. As it doesn’t have a slope mode, it’s completely legal for use in U.S. tournaments with no modifications. This model also comes with a carry case and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • Light and compact
  • One-press operation
  • Returns accurate results quickly
best golf rangefinders
Golf Rangefinder

Model LW-001 Wavelength 905nm
Objective lens 21mm Resolution +/-1m
Magnification 6X OEM/ODM Acceptable
Measurement range 5-600m,5-1000m, 5-1500m Laser Class Class 1 Laser
Battery 3V CR2 Certification CE,FDA,FCC,EN60825
Modes Flag Lock Warranty 12 Months
Standard Ranging Unit Meter / Yard
Scan Weight 152g
Fog Mode Field of View 7.2 °
Color Black, Camo, OEM colors available.
Tournament legal Non-Slope Mode
Modes of:
Stanndard Ranging ( Scan )

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