• best laser rangefinder
  • best laser rangefinder
  • best laser rangefinder

best laser rangefinder

Widely used rangefinders, Besides golfing, you can also use it in camping, hunting and even in construction. Comes with a convenient belt-mountable bag and lanyard, allowing utmost mobility and portability for whenever you use it. 800m Ensures you’ll never be out of range of the target; it is the device that golfers use to determine the distance to fixed points such as to the flag, green or a hazard.

6x magnification and accuracy to within 1 yard to eliminate unnecessary guesswork; never have to waste any time trying to estimate the distances using markers.
By adjusting the focusing dioptre within a range (-5/+5), people with far sighted vision can use laser rangefinder without glasses to reduce your eye’s fatigue.
Distance measuring mode, pin seeker mode, fog mode, height finder mode, speed mode, allow you to adapt the product for whatever use you need it.

best laser rangefinder
The inner display can be in red or black LCD.

Golf distance correction
Horizontal distance measure
Vertical height

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