• best rangefinder golf
  • best rangefinder golf
  • best rangefinder golf
  • best rangefinder golf
  • best rangefinder golf

best rangefinder golf

The best range finder golf provide laser measuring performance at a lower price point. LW2002 is lightweight with an ergonomic and sporty design. 6 x magnification and a wider LCD screen to ensure better visibility of measurements, and feature three different targeting modes standard, scan, and pin.With vibration option to confirm target lock and a one-click scan feature, simplicity of use is at the heart of the design. 

best rangefinder golf
With a range of 800 metres, the Lazer Rangefinder LW2002 has immense distance capabilities as well as several modes to help you get the right yardage. Pinseeker Mode allows you to lock onto the target, Golf Distance Correction Mode allows for slope at the same time. Fog Mode makes it easier to gain a yardage when visibility is difficult. Speed Mode also allows you to measure how fast something is moving. All in all, considering the price, this is an absolute bargain.
Additionally it comes with a slope on/off option to provide increased accuracy for various elevations.

professional laser rangefinder

Type of laser  905nm
Objective Lens 21mm
Magnification  6X
Field of View  7.2
Accuracy  ±0.1m
LCD Display  Black
Battery  3V CR2
Net Weight  158g
Dimension 97 97*37*65mm
Warranty  12 month 
1. Standard Ranging
2. Angle Distance
3. Pin Lock
4. Golf Compensated Distance
5. Vertical Height Measurement

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