• compact hunting rangefinder
  • compact hunting rangefinder
  • compact hunting rangefinder
  • compact hunting rangefinder

compact hunting rangefinder

Specifically designed to improve your vision, the all LaserWorks LRFs provide the power of a monocular in a laser rangefinder. Each new model is standard with all-glass optical system, a 40% larger objective lens and are fully multi-coated so that no detail goes unnoticed. All models feature a two lens system, typically only found on more expensive models, along with a powerful laser diode for longer, more accurate ranging. With 6x magnification and 2x light transmission, these new models are clearly brighter in every way.

Distance: Max 3500 yards Reflective, 2200 yards to Tree, 700 yards to Deer
Extreme up and downhill angles alter true distance to your target. 
Power/measure button and Mode button located differently, no mistake of pressing wrong button any more. Fully multicoated optics effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of tight giving you a brighter clear image; diopter adjustable for precise focus on display.
Class 1 laser 905nm, 12 months LaserWorks quality warranty
compact hunting rangefinder

Model S7 Wavelength 905nm
Objective lens 21mm Resolution +/-1m
Magnification 6X OEM/ODM Acceptable
Measurement range 5-800m,5-1200m,5-3000m Laser Class Class 1 Laser
Battery 3V CR2 Certification CE,FDA,FCC,EN60825
Modes Flag Lock Warranty 12 Months
Golf Slope Compensation Unit Meter / Yard
Horizontal distance +Angle Weight 174g
Vertical Height Field of View 7.2 °
1. Ranging(Scan)
2. Pinseeker
3. Pinseeker+Slope
4. Fog Mode
5. Horizontal distance+angle
6. Vertical Height Measurement
7. Speed

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