• distance meter rs232
  • distance meter rs232
  • distance meter rs232
  • distance meter rs232
  • distance meter rs232

distance meter rs232

Laser Works distance meter rs232 with metal body, shock resistance, red laser 650nm visible, easy to align rangefinder laser with your device.
Class 1 laser eye safe, wavelength 905nm, Small in size and can be better integrated into the customer system applications. Can be measured up to 1200 meters, Accuracy: +/-0.5m
Working temperature: -20 to 60°C,Frequency: 1HZ

wholesale distance meter rs232 manufacturer rangefinder sensor offers reliable distance, RS232 and TTL interface for more options, cylindrical shape special design, easy integration to your system, such as drone, thermal scope, riflescope, thermal camera system.
LRF module Features
Single Measurement Mode that do a single measurement only
Continious Measurement Mode that return a continiou results depending on the selected sampling frequency
Programmable measurement Range up to 1100M 
Programmable sampling frequency is 1Hz
Programmable Measurement Accuracy available (0.5m)
Serial Communication UART (BautRate=9600)
All instructions are in Hex format

Mini distance meter rs232 offers reliable distance feedback & TTL serial output. It is suitable for customizing product integration,especially for night vision, thermal or EVA ect.
The Laser Rangefinder Modules offer outstanding technical characteristics combined with an excellent price performance-ratio for the integration of length or position measurement systems, especially in the fields of industrial and security application.

Laser Rangefinder Module


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