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golf ranfgefinder

If you are in the market to purchase a golf rangefinder, your number one priority is to get an accurate reading of your distance to the pin. If you are planning to play in tournaments, this feature is not legal. You will want to purchase a rangefinder that will either let you disable the slope calculation, or doesn’t have it at all. If you do not plan on playing in tournaments you’ll be fine purchasing a unit that simply factors in slope without the ability to disable it.

golf ranfgefinder have revolutionized many sports including golf.
The best golf rangefinder have earned their place in the sport by first, eliminating the caddie with the yardage book, and secondly, phasing out the need to depend on yardage markers and other landmarks. Nowadays, it’s unlikely for many to be without a golf rangefinder when taking on the course, either professionally or leisurely.
Multi-lens diopter adjustment that cuts out the blur and fuzz of measuring long distances. It provides for an even clearer and brighter view regardless if you’re near or far-sighted!
Being able to measure out past 650 yards, the advanced Pinsensor can lock onto targets to within +/- 1 yard to give you unwavering confidence of accuracy whether you’re pointing at the hole, trees, or hazards!

Golf Rangefinder With Slope

Model No. LW-G600        
Dimension 106*35*73mm
Weight 152g
Objective lens(adjustable) 21mm
Exit pupil distance 16mm
Magnification 6X
Field of view 7.2°
Measurement range 4-600m
Precision ±1M
Display Inner-vision-field LCD Display,and extenal 1.7" lcd screen
Battery CR2*1, 3V
Laser Class Class 1 EN 60825, Eye safe
Certification CE,FCC,ROHS,FDA,EN60825
Water-resistant IPX 4
Warranty 12 Months
2.Golf Pin Seeker ( Advanced PinSensor Technology for measuring overlapping subjects )
3.Golf Distance Correction ( PinSeeker Slope Mode ( Recommended Distance RD) adjusts for changes in elevation. The distance is adjusted based on the angle of the slope.)
Vibrating PinSeeker confirmation: A single vibrating pulse gives tactile feedback that the rangefinder has locked on to the target.

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