• golf range finder gps
  • golf range finder gps
  • golf range finder gps
  • golf range finder gps

golf range finder gps

wholesale golf range finder gps supplier, magnet bite golf cart technology, easy to attach rangefinder on golf cart, never worry loss your rangefinder on golf course, 2 times brighter LCD display, crystal clear view,
Rangefinder’s redesigned LCD screen is brighter and wider, making it easier to see your target and know your number. The new Magnetic Grip feature allows golfers to securely store the rangefinder on the side of the golf cart, keeping it within easy reach before every swing.

** Magnetic Grip: No more fussing with your bag mid-round. Stick your NX9 to your cart, clubs, or any other metal object.
** Slope: Uphill or downhill, rest assured that you’ve always got the right distance.
** Vibration Technology delivers a short burst to ensure you’re locking on to the flag.
golf range finder gps

3 models for your reference:

Model LW2002 Power Charging 3V CR2*1
Objective lens 21mm Resolution +/-0.5m<200m
Magnification 6X +/-1m>200m
Measurement range 4-600m Laser Class Class 1 Laser
Measurement range 5-800m / 5-1200m Certification CE,FDA,FCC,EN60825
Modes Ranging Warranty 12 Months
Pinseeker + Scan Unit Meter / Yard
Golf Distance Correction (Slope) Wavelength 905nm
Horizontal Distance +Angle Field of View 7.2 °

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