• golf yardage finder
  • golf yardage finder
  • golf yardage finder
  • golf yardage finder

golf yardage finder

The LaserWorks LW2024-800PRO golf yardage finder Adaptive Slope feature does the math on uphill and downhill shots, giving you confidence with every club selection. Our laser technology and Pulse Vibration feature makes getting precise yardages straightforward, meaning you’ll never doubt your number. 

LaserWorks LW2024-800PRO golf yardage finder features:

  • LCD Display Screen - Convenient external clear view LCD display with low power consumption. Makes it easy for you to read your measurement and share with your buddies without having to look through the viewfinder.
  • High accuracy -  Distance accuracy is within 1 yard . 
  • Multi -function mode -  golf flag lock scan , slope compensation, basic distance measurement.
  • Pin flags lock scan mode  - measures the distance to the pin when there's other subjects (like trees) is behind it. This feature helps you easily lock on to the golf pin flags.
  • Slope-compensation Mode - The yardage is adjusted based on the angle of the slope.
  • Pinseeker with JOLT Technology -PinSeeker with JOLT provides the golfer with short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag. Jolt Technology removes all doubt.
  • Easy to operate & Waterproof 
  • Crystal clear optics. High quality 6X magnification 21mm objective lens with large display and a 7.2° view angle helps ensure quick accurate readings. Has adjustable diopter to customize to your own eyesight correction prescription.
Golf Range Finder

Advanced Pin-Lock Technology for measuring overlapping subjects.
Golf Compensation Slope Mode ( Recommended Distance RD) adjusts for changes in elevation. The distance is adjusted based on the angle of the slope.
Vibrating confirmation: A single vibrating pulse gives tactile feedback that the rangefinder has locked on to the target.

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