• good hunting rangefinder
  • good hunting rangefinder
  • good hunting rangefinder

good hunting rangefinder

If you want to make your shots count, you have to know the range.  Sure, we have all used ‘Kentucky Windage’ but that’s a guessing game.  It works better with open sights but when you start dealing with magnification, it can throw everything off.  If you want to be precise, you need the best rangefinder for hunting that you can get.
We all want to be a great shot and that all starts with consistency. Most of us work hard to be consistent with our rifle or bow. We work to make each shot repeatable.  If we want to make each impact repeatable, we have to figure range into the equation.

This isn’t a complicated device, just sturdy and durable.  It's waterproof with a clear LCD display and small magnification to help see what is around the deer to make sure you aren’t accidentally getting your laser on a bush.  The best thing about a 6-power optic is the ability to keep it stable where higher power ones seem to bounce all over.

Red inner display:High technology red LCD display enable to see at any lighting conditions.
good hunting rangefinder

1. Ranging(Scan)
2. Pinseeker
3. Pinseeker+Slope
4. Fog Mode
5. Horizontal distance+angle
6. Vertical Height Measurement

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