• handheld laser rangefinder
  • handheld laser rangefinder
  • handheld laser rangefinder

handheld laser rangefinder

The Laser rangefinder integrates the advanced  technology of Emission Projection Display ( EPD), to replace the traditional transmission display LCD screen, which is able to see the readings under any light conditions. Even if the day is gloomy or there is not enough light, you will still be able to see the measurements clearly. Optical transmissivity is higher than 55%.

PinSeeker with Jolt Tech: The PinSeeker technology will let you locate the flag even without seeing it, but this device also has Jolt, and so it will produce vibration bursts when the rangefinder locks on the pin.
Range: It can measure distances that are anything between 5 and 1200 meters and and accuracy of +/- 1 yard at all times.
6X Magnification and Fast Focus: 6X Magnification works with the Fast Focus Feature to ensure that you target quickly and see the target clearly.
Slope Technology (in Slope Version): The distances that you get when using this device are very accurate because it uses Slope Technology to compensate for elevation.
Water resistance: IPX4 
Red inner display:High technology red LCD display enable to see at any lighting conditions.
handheld laser rangefinder

1. Ranging(Scan)
2. Pinseeker
3. Pinseeker+Slope
4. Fog Mode
5. Horizontal distance+angle
6. Vertical Height Measurement

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